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Reasons to Survey

Reasons to Survey

  1. Know What You Are Buying.

    Once you have decided to purchase a boat the next step should be to have a Marine Survey carried out by a qualified Marine Surveyor.  Any defects or potential problems can be noted and assessed.  This can be an important safety issue.

  2. Make An Informed Decision On Your Purchase.

    The cost of the survey will be far outweighed by peace of mind as to the state of the vessel and by using the survey as a bargaining tool in the sale process.  It allows the buyer to make an informed decision on the purchase and can save you both time and money.

    It's also worth noting that many elements of the boat, such as safety or toilets, are in fact regulated.

  3. Expert Advice.

    A qualified Marine Surveyor has the experience and knowledge to advise you about the state of your vessel and may foresee future problems that may develop.

  4. Insurance.

    The survey can be forwarded to your insurer so arrangements can be made for appropriate insurance to be put in place.




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